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On your way to getting a valuable lead and starting working on it. Seasonality and trends Seasonality refers to periods during the year when there is a greater or lesser Cell Phone Database interest of customers in a given industry. Each company has its own seasonality, which depends on the specificity of the products and services it offers. Where to get knowledge about it? Preferably from reliable sources collecting data on the renewable energy market. The research included in the report of the Institute of Renewable Energy “Photovoltaic market in Poland 2019” shows that interest in photovoltaic cells has been growing since.

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The roofs of private houses and small enterprises. The largest number of investments. Was recorded in 2018 – this is the impact of at least two factors. As the authors of the report indicate, the investment in solar panels is the result of a sharpincrease in electricity prices and tariff C. On the basis CMO Email List of which entrepreneurs are billed. Another reason for the increased interest in renewable energy are subsidies for photovoltaic cells from the Regional. Operational Programs of the European Union. They are used by private individuals.