You need to be extremely careful when working with them

As the slightest inaccuracy could lead to a doctor’s error. So, in Russia, grams per liter, not grams per deciliter, is used to measure hemoglobin, but novice translators may not notice this when they see the abbreviation. If necessary, the translator must recalculate the metrics to the Bulk SMS Jordan prevailing system of units, usually the International System of Units. False friends of medical translators. If there is a word in the text that sounds the same in English and Russian, you need to make sure that the term is correct to avoid translation errors. For example, translated as angina pectoris, it means complexion, that is, that is, that is. The list could go on and on, with many nuances.

The difficulty in dealing with medical

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Documents is that there are not enough specialized dictionaries on the market. Translators often have to compile. Their own dictionaries. Which requires them to be able. To deal with uncommon. Words and conduct. Independent terminology research. It is often desirable to preserve. The original formatting CMO Email List of the document. So, that translations can be checked more easily against the original file tables, images, lists. If part of the original text is highlighted in italics or bold by the doctor, then the original font setting must be preserved in the translation.