Because of cultural resonance, every festival can cause carnival among the whole people, and festival marketing has increasingly become an important opportunity for major brands to promote or sell products. Compared with other conventional marketing, festival marketing is more focused on stimulating consumption, thereby bringing transformation. of 18 billion US dollars, social media marketing has great business opportunities Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) predicts that Chile’s e-commerce market will grow by 140% to $18 billion by 2022. With the highest Internet penetration rate in Latin America, the fastest growing economy. And high demand for online shopping among young people. Chile is definitely a treasure that sellers can’t miss in Latin America.

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The country with the fastest growth in online orders in Latin America. The average annual e-commerce spending in this region is more than twice that of Brazil and other countries. According to statistics, the number of participating websites in Chile will be as high as 2021. 600+, more than 800,000 transactions were generated within 12 hours phone number list after the event started, and the total sales of the three days of the event reached 6.4 billion US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 57%. What do independent website sellers who want to enter Chile need to know? How to do social media marketing in Chile? 1 Which brands are more popular in Chile? In Chile, consumers like to shop. On the two platforms of Mercado Libre and Falabella.

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You can go to these two platforms for research.  Its business covers 18 countries in Latin America, and its sales range covers everything from cars, computers, artworks to antiques. And other products. In 2021, Meikeduo will account for 31% of. Chile’s CMO Email List entire e-commerce market, and 85% of packages in Chile’s. Main urban areas can be delivered within 48 hours. Making it the largest e-commerce platform in Chile. 2  One of the largest retail platforms in Latin America.