Daum search registration method Naver Blog / WordPress

If you want to display posts from your blog or website in the search results of the following portal sites, you must go through a process called search registration. In this post, we will look at the next search registration process.


Next search registration: Naver Blog
Next search registration application process

Registration inquiry and registration period
Next search registration: WordPress

Registration lookup method

Search registration application process
The following search registration application address is as follows. : .

Daum Search Registration

This is the main screen of the following search registration site. Login is an optional option because search registration is possible even if you do not have the following ID. (However, if you log in, you can check the search registration process from time to time.)

Next search registration
Select “Register Blog” in the registration Canadian Colleges Universities Email List window at the center of the main screen, enter the Naver blog URL, and click the OK button on the right.

Search registration New registration
Prior to new registration, you must confirm your consent to the collection of personal information.

Next search registration
This is an item to register an e-mail to be notified of the search registration process.

Registration application
Through a very simple process, you can apply for Naver blog search registration next time.

Next search registration basic principles

Job Function Email Database

The site you are applying for must be accessible at all times.
Only completed sites can be registered.

Registration inquiry and registration period
In the case of blog search, we do not provide a separate search registration inquiry service.


Register to search: WordPress
Next search registration application process
Following Naver blog search registration, we will also proceed with WordPress search registration. It was called WordPress because it was done CMO Email List with WordPress, but unlike a blog, if you have a personal domain, you can follow this method to register for a search.

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