Depending on Where Exactly the User Discovers the Company

Depending on Where His path to purchase depends. It is necessary to study all possible ways of placing an order and determine all the important features in them. Try playing the buyer persona of your competitors. So you can more easily identify work regimens and new chips, and then adjust them to your activities. Analyze your existing sales pipeline. At each stage of the funnel, users interact with the company in some way. To simplify work, arrange touchpoints in the form of mental maps and detailed diagrams. The exception is if your product is unique and has no competitors: then you don’t need to conduct thorough research. When working with contacts, determine the importance of contacts based on company size, number of competitors, customer loyalty, and position achieved in the market.

Consider the direction of the company and the theme of the merchandise

The first contact often determines how successful a customer’s interaction with a company is. It can be through social media advertising or  search engine results. If you have a small online store, focus on decision-making steps such as Manufacturing Email List product interest and product research. Pay attention to the quality of your website, communication channels, and employee behavior in online chats and phone conversations. First, ten primary touchpoints are enough. If you have a large and well-known online store that has been in business for a long time, it is more profitable to focus on existing customers than to find new ones. To keep consumers with you instead of going to your competitors, be aware of commercial offers for certain categories of customers, develop loyalty programs and email newsletters.

Point of contact work includes the following actions

Job Function Email Database

List all the places, situations and forms of possible contact between the brand and the user and  the customer in the future, and then select a point. Assign touchpoints by importance, breaking them into small processes. Analyze the state of each point at this moment. Develop an algorithm of action to optimize certain contacts. Allocate budgets, set deadlines, and choose who will handle touchpoints. Begin implementing the action plan and CMO Email List assess changes in touchpoints, relationships with consumers along the way. Continue to improve and refine the link chain on a regular basis. Criteria for Evaluating Touchpoints How to Find Customer Touchpoints Touchpoint optimization is only possible when certain conditions are met.

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