Analytics reports will help your marketing team create strategic campaigns. This will give them insight on when to flash sell, create vouchers and codes, how to personalize your engagement and how to attract new customers.

You will also have an overview of each product’s performance, how users interact with your products, which items are viewed most frequently, information about abandoned carts, completed transactions, and shopping habits.

Armed with useful information, the sales and marketing team can determine which path to take to drive higher sales.

Track competitor stores

Knowing your competitors’ moves will give you an edge in the market. Whenever your competitor changes anything, Split Dragon will send you an email notification and a link so you can access and check for any updates about this particular shop. This competitive intelligence will help you analyze and come up with the right strategy.

AB testing features
Testing is very basic if you want sustainable Latest Mailing Database results. Unfortunately, this is time consuming and if not done properly, it can lead to inaccurate results. Split Dragon comes with genius tools to automate two or more variations of titles, product descriptions, images or prices.

False protection
Another major feature of the Split Dragon software is the IP protection tool. This will help identify sellers who offer the same products as you. If you come across a fake seller, Split Dragon can provide a template that you can use to notify unauthorized resellers of intellectual property infringement.

Access to various payment plans

Latest Mailing Database

Big brand or SMB, Split Dragon has the perfect package to suit your needs. In addition, we offer a free trial of 7 so you can access an extensive list of features. This includes tracking your competitors’ stores or products, optimizing your listings using ranked keywords, and having access to CMO Email List¬†educational resources. Plus, all of these features are automated!

Currently, Split Dragon supports brands and sellers in Asia including Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and Taiwan.