Predominance of the simple

Present tense and the passive voice. English-speaking economists often use omitted clauses with incomplete structures, consisting of  conjunctions, adjective SMS Gateway Estonia nouns, and prepositions or no prepositions. Example: People have to accept a new tax no matter how high it is Difficulties in translating economic terms Experts face many difficulties in dealing with economic texts. Different translations of the same word Economic terms can only have one or a few translation options at a time. Therefore, and it is not always correct to give the direct meaning of the word.

The first group includes terms from Latin

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Therefore, French English and other languages. Therefore, Such as deficit from the Latin. Deficit Not enough or devalued. Comes from English depreciation. This group also includes compound words. Their combinations taxpayers. Interest-bearing deposits. In economic texts. There are also CMO Email List fixed expressions. With strictly fixed forms: idioms. Phrase units, verbal clichés. For example, attracting investment. To start a business. Therefore, Clauses with one option are not complicated. For their correct translation, context is not necessary and an experienced expert need only know the exact equivalents of the expressions he uses.