Pay attention to the specific action of the reader

His desire or behavior. When there is specificity in a compliment, it becomes personal, nominal to the reader. Example This black dress will Food Kindred Products Manufacturers Email List accentuate your slim figure and femininity, making you stand out from the crowd. Be sincere without being intrusive, and don’t fall into flattery, because the reader will recognize the wrong note immediately. Use metaphors. Even a common comparison like the wasp waist when describing slim-fit outerwear models yields the expected results. Compare with others to personalize your promotional offers.

The only problem is that you can’t just name competitors

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Use inverse comparison. If the client is a business owner, you can call them that in just one year, you’ve achieved what no one else has achieved in decades. Such CMO Email List compliments are valid for personal business offers. Compliment women and men. Men also love warm words, but because they are less emotional, they don’t always show their reactions. Some authors even use criticism in praise. First, users are criticized, followed by strong praise. This works especially well with personal mailings, such as when you haven’t placed an order with us in a long time, but you’re still one of our favorite customers. Praise and criticism seem sincere to people.