How to improve web page loading speed and SEO

In this post, we will look at the importance of web page loading speed, how to measure it, and solutions to improve it.


Web page loading speed and importance
What is webpage loading speed?
The Importance of Loading Speed: Bounce Rate
How to measure loading speed
core web vitals
How to improve webpage loading speed
Minimize image size
CSS inline
JavaScript inline
Local fonts and CDN fonts
Server Performance and Hosting Region Changes

Web page loading speed and importance
What is webpage loading speed?


Web page loading speed is the time from when we click on a certain homepage until all the homepage screens are loaded. In other words, the speed at which the contents inside the web page are loaded is called the web page loading speed.

The reason web pages take some time to load is due to the passing of data between the user and the provider. The data being passed and how each data affects speed are shown below.

HTML Elements (the skeleton of a web page): very minor but takes a bit of time
CSS Elements (Design of Web Pages): Very Minor but Takes Some Time
JavaScript (moving elements of web pages): dynamic material, takes more time than HTML.
Photo/video data: Basically, if there is even one, the required time increases significantly, and there is a big difference depending on the capacity.
Font: Depending on the location and method of the font, it may take some time. Let’s find out more in the improvement plan.

Loading time occurs because several elements are downloaded. At this time, the internet speed (environment) also has a great influence.

The Importance of Loading Speed: Bounce Rate

Now let’s look at the importance of web page loading speed. When you visit a website in an average Internet environment in Korea, the website loads Canadian Biotechnology Email List within a minimum of 0.3 seconds to a maximum of 10 seconds. Experts analyzed the loading time of website visits and the behavior of visitors and found that increasing loading time increases bounce rate.

Concluding from the statistics above, if the website you operate is for business purposes, if the bounce rate increases due to the loading speed, you may suffer fatal damages for promotion and purchase conversion purposes. Therefore, web page loading speed is a very important factor as an operator (business operator).

How to measure loading speed


Now you can see that loading speed is important. So, let me tell you how to measure loading speed.


Confirmation by entering URL

A convenient way to measure is to use a site that measures loading speed. After visiting the address below, enter the URL you want to measure to know the elapsed time until final loading.


After simply entering the URL, you can check the loading speed and other matters for the mobile / PC environment.


If you go to the bottom, you can see the estimated elapsed time if you improved in a better way which factors caused the late loading.

Verification via developer tools

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The above method is more convenient, but we will also show you how to use your web browser’s developer tools. To run the developer tools:

Windows: F12 key
Mac: Command + Option + i

After running the developer tool, you can check the loading speed of the website you visit through the Network item.


You can check the elapsed time and loading elements (images, HTML, etc.) when loading the main screen of Naver. You can check which element takes the longest or the longest time through the graph at the top, and find an improvement plan for that element.

core web vitals

Regarding web page loading speed, there is a definition called Core Web Vital, so I will briefly introduce it.

Core web vitals are elements that represent indicators of a website that provides users with safe, fast, and high-quality content, such as web page loading speed, mobile-friendliness, and HTTPS encryption factors. If you study SEO in depth in the future, we CMO Email List recommend that you lightly memorize words that appear frequently.


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