1. What is Google Adsense
Google Adsense is a service that inserts advertisements into the content uploaded by you on blogs, websites, YouTube, etc., and gives Google a portion of the revenue from advertising fees as visitors click on the advertisements. In order to insert Google AdSense ads, the blog or website you use must be approved by Google. Ads must be approved to run, and the higher the number of clicks and conversion rate, the higher the revenue.

How to Register with Google Adsense

To sign up for Google Adsense, you must have a Google account. Log in with your Google account and go to the Betting Email List onboarding page and you will see a screen like the one below.

2. Click the first box ‘Payments’.

Google Adsense payments

For Payments, just enter your address and account information.

3. Click the second box, ADS.
Google Adsense ads

In Google Ads You Can Attach the Website Address

Job Function Email Database

You want to register and set the Ad settings as you like.

Adsense settings

4. Click the third box, SITES.

Google Adsense sites

In SITES, enter the site address you want to connect to. You need to link your site to Google AdSense. For example, if you connect T-story, go to T-story-Settings-Revenue and click Connect AdSense.

Tstory AdSense

3. How to write Google AdSense certified articles
In order to write articles certified by Google AdSense, you must write Search Engine Optimization (SEO) articles. If you write articles that search CMO Email List engines like, you can be located at the top of Google pages, and if you are located at the top, you can get big traffic and get high advertising revenue.