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In this article, we will go into detail about 6 ways to use digital marketing . Before explaining how to use digital marketing, I will explain how to write a prompt for efficient use of ChatGPT by dividing it into basic and SEO aspects.

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What is a prompt?

How to write a basic prompt

hat is a prompt?
A prompt is your command (input) to generate a result (output) from a generative AI model . As mentioned earlier, in addition to understanding the AI ​​model in question, crafting appropriate prompts for ChatGPT is key to obtaining high-quality results. It’s hard to say why, but recently, there are more and more programs that create prompts optimized for ChatGPT.

How to write a basic prompt

Questions in English as much as possible
ChatGPT supports English as well as Korean. However, it is recommended to use English as much as possible because the dataset is significantly Forex Email List different from English and the response speed is also slow. It is also a way to use a translator if necessary.

– role assignment
You can assign roles to ChatGPT and carry out specific conversations by topic. In the example below, ChatGPT takes on the role of an AI start-up company human resources manager, and I take on the role of a start-up company applicant and continues the conversation.

How to Write a ChatGPT Prompt – Assign a Role

Job Function Email Database

– Describe the specific situation
– In order to achieve the desired result, specific situations must be explained and instructed. It’s not just ‘make a copy for a coke brand’, it’s ‘I want to sell zero sugar cola to people in their 20s and 30s. Specific targeting and product descriptions, such as ‘Write a single line of copy to promote this’, can help you get results that match your expectations.

How to Write a ChatGPT Prompt – Describe the Specific Situation
How to Write an SEO Zone Prompt
– title
You should have some idea of ​​your own in creating the title and title tag for your post. However, ChatGPT does a good job of generating some ideas or CMO Email List sparking inspiration. Please convey a somewhat specific topic, such as the question below, and make a production request based on it.

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