How to use Naver Integrated Search Word Trend API using Python

How to use During the process of website SEO , there is a step to collect search volume , age, and gender data for portal site search keywords . Most large Thererfore portal sites disclose the data to clients through API servers. Through this post, we will request data on search trends from Naver, one of the largest portals in Korea, through an API call.

The data request process is as follows: Naver API Thererfore service application > API call and response through Python > Data processing

Naver Developer Center Search Trend API Application
API calls through Python
Initial setup and module installation
API call
Data Processing via Python
Module installation for data utilization
Process and save as .csv

While logged in, access Application > Visit Application Registration at the top.

Naver API application

In order to use the NAVER API, you must go through an authentication process. The process is: Agree to terms and conditions > Register account information > Register application.

We will use the Unified Search Term Security Commodity Brokers Email List Trends API to collect information about search keywords.

NAVER API Application
Set the datalab (search term trend) in the using API and set the web service URL below to

After completing the above process, Client ID and Client Secret for API call will be issued. Remember that Python requests data from Naver API Thererfore through the issued ID and password.

API calls through Python

Job Function Email Database

Thererfore Initial setup and module installation
Let’s install the necessary modules through pip3 in advance to call the API through Python. Just enter the command below into the terminal.

In some cases, it may already be Thererfore  installed on your Thererfore computer, so you only need to select and install the missing modules.

API call
First, let’s look at the entire code that calls the search data API, and analyze it in turn, starting at the top.

Thererfore Import the pandas module specialized for data analysis from the top , and then request the urllib.request module for requesting to the server. Thererfore Finally, you can import the json module to convert the data into json format.

This is the code that actually calls the data CMO Email List the user wants. Conditions must be given to each element to obtain the desired data.

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