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Channel for transactional email is email. It has many advantages: maximum ROI, free, no limit onthe number of letters, ability to attach files and interactive elements links, buttons. You can also send transactional emails via SMS. Examples: login codes for your personal account, one-time passwords, the status of the order when it arrives Shipbuilding Boatbuilding Email List at the pickup point. Companies may use other distribution channels for the mailing list Viber. This messenger has a business chat section, and it costs less to use than . Letters are limited to at most characters. You can add a button, an image. Push notifications on the website. They are free, attract attention and open instantly even after the user has left the site. Contains pictures, text, and buttons.

The downside is that they can annoy users

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When they open on top of other windows. Push notifications in mobile applications. They contain information about debiting funds from the card, changing order status. These messages are free, and users can even see them through the locked screen. Often, companies use several channels to distribute transactional emails at the same time, using CMO Email List a single interface of the corresponding system for this. However, the services for transactional emails and advertising emails should be different. In fact, the latter are often unsubscribed, and the lack of important transaction notifications can be unpleasant for users.