The Text of the Acquaintance Stage Should Be Written in a Readable

When writing a text it is important to convince the user that he can solve his problem with your help and explain to him certain possibilities and options. Make a buying decision. Also clear and simple text will help drive users to order. You can attach an FAQ, compare demo and paid versions, and describe all options in detail. educate. These are instructions, how to use the product. Some companies combine the third stage with the first acquaintance. But sometimes it’s better to separate the training into a separate phase, explaining complex things in detail. mistake. Sooner or later, any user will encounter errors or failures when interacting with a product. The task of the text at this stage is to reassure the user, explain why the error occurred and show what needs to be done.

Then describe the user’s state according

The stage the user is in, and understand what he needs. Also read what is UX copywriting and why you should learn it now Copywriting is creating text for  the interface of a website, app, online service. In this article, we will discuss the main task Building Hardware Garden Dealers Email List of the writer and the details of the text. Read more Principles for Writing Interface Text Writing is based on eight principles. Concise, clear and informative.

The user must make sure that he clicks

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On the correct button and performs the correct action. It needs to get rid of the need to search for additional  information on what this or that system message means. It is impossible to complicate the text with complex structures, jargon and jargon. The exception is whether or not the target audience understands them. At the same time, the text should be detailed. For example, if a website or application only uses online payment methods, instead CMO Email List of using a payment button, use an online payment or even an online payment button with a bank card. Consider how people see text Most users have long since switched to scanning text, reading it diagonally from the top left corner of the screen to the bottom right corner.

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