Do not write rubles

There are discounts and rubles. Discounts instead of rubles. Also read Rules and Life Hacks for Using Numbers in Headings and Text. In this article, we analyze in detail how to use and format numbers correctly in text, and when it is better to use words instead. Read More No Hard Choices If a user has to think long enough to perform General Merchandise Stores Email List a simple action, they’re likely to leave the site or quit the app. For business UX writing, it is especially important to choose simple, clear and no more than two. As a result, the person is less irritable and tense. Therefore, when specifying options, a person should see results immediately. For example, if he taps the button to exit the app, then the question Save and Exit would be better to provide Exit and Stay options instead of Yes and No.

Immediate Response or Timeframe

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When performing an action, users expect immediate results. Indicate next to the online application form that a manager will call you back within minutes. Instead of authorization success indicating that you have successfully logged in: auxiliary verbs complicate the construction and perception of text on the screen. Body User interaction with a program or application should be accompanied by positive emotions even when one encounters CMO Email List errors or failures. For example, if he selects an item in a restaurant menu that is currently over in a food delivery app, instead of an exclamation intonation error! announcement of.