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This will increase the conversion rate and reduce the number of abandoned carts among impatient Internet users with little time. 3.6. No choice of payment method Integrating an online store with several payment systems gives users more choice and thus multiplies the chances of finalizing the transaction. Source: E-commerce in Poland 2019. Gemius for e-Comerce Polska Not everyone wants to pay by bank transfer or has a payment card. In addition, the inability to choose cash payments may limit trust in the store, especially when the brand is not yet recognizable on the market and the customer makes a transaction in a given store for the first time.

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The market is so large that most likely a customer who has not found a suitable payment method will turn to the competition. 3.7 Delivery To a large extent, the decision to buy a product on the website is influenced by the cost and Mortgage Brokers Email List delivery time. As many as 37% of users mention low delivery costs as a motivating factor for shopping in a given store. Source: E-commerce in Poland 2019. Gemius for e-Comerce Polska Shipping costs should be clearly described, and the company’s logistics must allow the product to be shipped from the warehouse as quickly as possible. Free delivery for larger orders should also be standard.

Customers also expect the possibility of choosing

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A convenient place to collect the package: home delivery, office, parcel locker or personal collection at the point of sale: Source: empik Positive customer experiences at every stage of the purchasing process will translate into future visits to. The CMO Email List website and subsequent transactions in your store. 4. No content Neglecting content can cause huge losses. Extensive content helps to bring potential customers to the website. Thanks to content, it is possible to increase the potential of keywords and build visibility for subsequent phrases. However, content marketing can offer much more.

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