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In the following post, I will try to explain which information is particularly important at the stage of creating a baseline analysis, strategy and valuation. 1. Budget This is the key point of each brief – the scale of activities and the selection of potential marketing channels depend on the size of the budget. Remember that the agency fee is only the first part of it. With such huge differences, this factor becomes very important for the future profitability of the store. Data on the store’s margin is necessary, which directly relates to the profitability of the business.

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Should propose a monthly subscription sufficient to achieve the intended effects. If you have a problem with determining the budget for your store and would like to Attorney Email Lists start promoting it in the search engine, I refer you to my article, where I presen several methods for its determination. 2.  The goals defined in this way are to build the foundations not only for a well-adjusted offer, but also for possible cooperation in the future. This information is important because the average gross margins in Polish online stores are at the level of 30-40%, but depending on the industry, they can vary significantly. For example, margins in the fashion industry oscillate around 50-70%. While in electronics they are usually not higher than.

Here are some examples of well-formulated goals

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Launching a new product on the market and achieving a sales revenue of PLN 120,000 per year within 2 years, increase in market share from 10% to 15% within 2 years. Achieving a sales volume of 30,000 units. Which will be approximately 5% of market share in the next twelve months. 3. Margin Sales CMO Email List estimation is a detailed presentation  of the agency’s capabilities. Very often, it is this element of the offer that determines the beginning of cooperation. Which is why both sides of the negotiations should care about its thorough preparation. In order to prepare a reliable sales estimation.

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