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Are these examples of counting conversions, or what are the relationships between your campaigns, and maybe you will even be able to better understand Google Ads itself or how Google sees your and potentially every user’s Google account? “What does he mean in that last paragraph?” Starting my adventure with Google Adwords, I saw this tool very mechanically. Over time, however, you notice some connections that others may not see. . I’ll give you some examples, and you try to find some from your experience that can make your Google Ads activities go in the right direction.

Depending on the type of campaign

Campaign in the search network – referring to the good division of the campaign – a good practice is to divide the ad group even in terms of the keyword match Marketing List Senior Homes itself, the so-called SKAGs. When using the keyword boxing gloves, create 3 separate groups based on the match – +boxing +gloves, “boxing gloves”, [boxing gloves] to have clarity in your  results. Also complement your activities in the Google Ads search network with graphic and remarketing campaigns. Believe me, it’s worth it. campaign in the advertising network – thanks to them you can reach people with your business directly, and not only through the interest created by Google.

You can create some kind of synergy

Job Function Email Database

Between search and display activities. Use a custom audience list for this! Go to audience -> blue pencil -> edit audience -> browse -> your custom audiences -> custom audience list and you are home. Here you can use keywords that work best for your business to reach users “who searched for CMO Email List any of these terms on Google”. Beautiful thing! See the rest of the options YouTube campaign – by creating one and taking care of properly divided targeting, you can be sure that there will be those that behave better and those that perform worse. By better, I mean: higher CTRs and engagement rates, lower costs of reaching 1000 users (CPM), lower CPV rates.

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