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You can increase the brightness of the highlights without changing the dark areas. Contrast emphasizes the difference between dark Stone Clay Glass Manufacturers Email List and light areas. It iused to give a glossy effect and depth to images. Lowering this setting makes the frame softer relative to the lighting. Saturation determines the brightness and intensity of a color. In addition, some programs allow you to create effects: automatically adjust the balance between all areas of the photo and create a simulation of depth. handling tricks to grab attention Without professional equipment, it is difficult to take high-quality pictures. We reveal some secrets that help create attractive shots.

Focus on objects Often you want to highlight

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A specific element in a photo, such as an item discussed in an article or a specific person in a group photo. This problem can be solved by blurring the background. This technique allows you to distract from the background and immediately draw attention to the main thing. Remove Noise and Artifacts When taking photos at night or in poor lighting, sand can sometimes appear in photos. Also, this defect occurs when the image is strongly compressed during conversion to . Most photo editors have noise reduction tools. Usually they work in CMO Email List semi-automatic mode, you only need to specify the processing power. But it should be kept in mind that such a step may result in loss of clarity. Here comes the next point of sharpening: adding clarity to the frame.