Title your Content That Drives Traffic 5 Formulas

Have you ever clicked on content just by looking at the catchy headline? Just as people judge a person in 3 seconds based on their first impression, they decide whether or not to watch a content in seconds based solely on the title. No matter how good your content is, it’s useless if people don’t click on it. Therefore, content titles play a big role in driving traffic to your site. In this post, we will dig into 3 content title patterns that increase traffic.

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1. Concise but interesting

2. Giving anxiety by using negative words

3. Use the numbers

4. Titles That Solve Problems

5. Titles using social phenomena

6. 12 ready-to-use titles

Concise but interesting

Do you like long texts? Most people probably prefer concise text to long text. If I try to make the title longer because I am greedy, it will only decrease the number of views. Content titles should be concise and catchy. Based on Google, if the title Gmx Email List exceeds 65 characters in English and 32 characters in Korean, including spaces the title. It sticks and cuts off. Therefore, the title should be concise within this character limit. Also, people on average only remember the first 3 words and the last 3 words of a title. Therefore, it is said that a title consisting of 6 words is a good way for people to see at a glance.

Content titles should be concise and interesting at the same time. If you use provocative adjectives like ‘tremendous’, ‘unique’, or ‘unconventional’ to create an interesting feeling, it will attract people’s attention. Therefore, while stimulating the curiosity of the reader, it is necessary to make them click on the article because they are curious about the contents of the text.

 Giving anxiety by using negative words

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People feel fear or anxiety when they see negative words. Let’s compare the title “3 Things New Marketers Should Never Do” with “3 Things New Marketers Should Do”. Which title catches your eye more? The content of both is the same. But the title “Never Do This” will draw more attention. It’s because I feel insecure and afraid, like I’m missing something, or I’m doing something I shouldn’t have done. In fact, content marketing statistics show that content with negative words gets more shares on social media.

3. Use the numbers

If you put a number in the title of the content, people can understand it intuitively, and it feels like the main points are organized rather than lined up. For example, if you compare the titles of “How to increase Google traffic in a short time” and “3 ways to increase Google traffic in a short time”, the title with numbers will be more organized and professional. no see.

3 ways to increase Google traffic quickly
5 Tips to Boost Your Views That No One Will Tell You
3 ways to get a high TOEIC score in 3 months

So, if you use numbers in your title as above, you can create a sense of curiosity while also feeling professional.

4. Titles That Solve Problems

When I read my writing, I find out what troubles customers will click on and make a title that says it solves that part. For example, if you assume that customers will click on your article because they are interested in your marketing because your CMO Email List marketing is not working well, “Why your marketing is not working”, “Apple’s marketing method”, “15 marketing things that marketers should not miss” Trend” etc. If customers read my article in this way, they should be able to guess through the title what kind of troubles can be resolved.

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