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At the same time, the design includes not only visual components, but also elements presented on the site in a special structured order.  and Their Textile Mill Manufacturers Email List Impact on Conversions Buttons Product Photos Visual Styles for Online Stores Icons Videos Infographics Conclusion Types of Visual Elements and Their Impact on Conversions Visual Content and Conversions There are six main visual elements that, when used correctly , which can increase conversion rates. Button Add to Cart and Checkout Buttons are often prominently displayed on the page immediately, and impulse-buying users make the purchase immediately. Suggestions for increasing conversions The user should immediately understand that there is a button in front of him.

The best option is a rectangle with rounded

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Corners and the text Add to cart to buy. Visually, buttons should be three-dimensional. with shadows: According to statistics, three-dimensional buttons have a higher click rate than flat buttons. When you hover over the button, its color and volume should change. The button should be placed next to the product. If you have to search for them on the site, the conversion rate will decrease. The page should have a primary button and a secondary button. For example, on a product card page, you could add a bright, prominent add to cart button with a less CMO Email List prominent secondary one-click buy next to it. The more buttons on the page, the lower the click-through rate, and the user’s attention will be distracted.