What is Content Marketing From Importance to Success Stories

What is Content Seth Godin, one of the best marketers of the 21st century and a famous publisher, said, “The marketing that remains in the end is  marketing.” said. As a reflection of this, many companies are already preparing a lot of infographics, videos and stories by spending a lot of money on marketing. More than half of U.S. companies have two or more dedicated content staff, and are focusing their efforts on creative content development. In this post, we’ll look at what content marketing is, why it’s important, and finally a success story.


What is Content Marketing?

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What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that creates and distributes valuable, relevant and consistent  to  and  a clearly defined audience Yahoo Email List and ultimately drive profitableRather than directly promoting your brand’s products or services  to potential customers, it’s a way of providing useful  that might be helpful or of interest to them.

Content marketing, why is it important?

According to the ‘2022 Marketing Strategy Report’ published by Semrush in 2022, 97% of marketers responded that they included  marketing when establishing their marketing strategy.

Additionally, according to the 2021 Content Marketing Institute (CMI), 81% of survey respondents said their companies consider content a core business strategy. As statistics show,  marketing is becoming more and more important every day. So why is content marketing important?

Content Marketing Threatens Traditional Marketing

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So, why is  marketing on the rise? It is because it can solve the chronic problems of the traditional marketing method most effectively and replace it at the same time. The most representative traditional marketing method is ‘outbound marketing’.

Outbound marketing aims to reach as many people as possible, whether or not they are interested in your product or service. However, consumers have become tired of outbound marketing methods, and companies are having difficulty converting the public into customers only with outbound marketing methods.

In contrast,  marketing strives to attract a clearly defined target audience rather than delivering a commercial message to the uninterested. By producing and distributing quality , we ultimately drive potential customers to buy. It has also been CMO Email List found that  marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing while generating more than 3x more leads (Source: Demandmetric, 2017).

Finally, Double Verify, a media data analysis company, announced that as of 2020, each person consumes an average of 7 hours of online per day. You will feel the popularity.

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