When dealing with complex structures

Many subordinate turns require the expert to have knowledge of grammatical rules and attention to linguistic features. For example, in English, there are many Bulk SMS Vietnam elliptical structures, short sentences, which when translated into Russian, are combined into a compound sentence. Also in technical texts, indeterminate personal, impersonal sentences and passive voice are often used. Of all the verbs found in scientific writing, there are verbs in the present tense.

Sufficient level of knowledge in a specific technical

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Scientific field. In order to correctly translate technical terms, abbreviations and terminology, knowledge of  the relevant scientific and technical fields and an understanding of the phenomena and processes described are required. keep learning. Every year, technological developments only CMO Email List accelerate, with new research emerging in terms that have not yet been translated. One must be interested in the technical and scientific fields of the text in which one is engaged, possess a flexible mind, and must help the reader, not confuse them.