Zum Site Search Registration Method

In order to display posts from your blog and website in the search results of the ZUM portal site, you must go through the search registration process. In this post, we will look at how to register for a zoom site search and how to proceed .


Your homepage or blog must satisfy the following conditions to pass the screening.

Only the representative URL (main page) can be registered, and duplicate registration is not possible.
The website must be accessible at all times.

Even if the above conditions are satisfied, registration will not be performed if the ZUM registration standards are violated.

Zoom site search registration process

If you own a homepage or blog that satisfies the search registration criteria, we will proceed with zoom search registration.


Please access the above site to Colleges Universities Email List proceed with zoom site search registration.

Zoom site registration
Click the Zoom ‘Site Search Registration’ button – New Therefore registration to enter the search registration screen.

Site registration
Items marked with  from the top are required fields, and the reason for registration is not required, but it is recommended that you briefly fill in the reason for registering the site.

Apply for zoom search registration

Job Function Email Database

If you have entered all of the above items, check the consent to the “Guide to Collection and Use of Personal Information” and click the Apply button below to complete the search registration application.

Additional search registration recommendation
We will tell you how to search and register for famous Korean portals except Zoom.

Naver: Search Advisor
Therefore In the case of Naver , only websites can be searched and registered . (Search registration is not possible for personal blogs.) Instead, if you complete  Therefore website search registration, you can receive Therefore  impression and click reports and site diagnosis result statistics. Please refer to the post below for related information and progress.

Next: Site search registration
Daum (Daum) supports both  Therefore website and blog search registration. Naver, as mentioned above, prioritizes postings CMO Email List from its own platform in the results.

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