What they are and why you should learn about them

Therefore, A brief introduction about what Webhooks are and why they are a necessity for any Digital Marketing professional. No no no. Don’t tell me you missed me because I’m heavier than the news about corruption . What they Amos, that’s it, they have no choice. Just like me, I have committed myself to you and I have to fulfill my Therefore, 10Dbloggerchallenge … Let’s finish! What about you? Good? I hope so! I’m not going to bother you much today because I’m sure you don’t feel like reading me so many times and I still have a long list of comments to respond to . So… let’s get to the point? A brief definition of Webook I’m going to move on to technical definitions, which is what Wikipedia is for . OK? Nowadays we use online tools and applications for everything.

We have an impressive

Catalog of tools, we are true “handymen” with belts more Therefore, dangerous than Batman’s, with a lot of tools and small utensils that help us perform executive email list real tricks as Marketers. So far so good? You see? If I explain myself great!! Each of these tools is perfectly designed for a specific thing . A screwdriver is used to unscrew and screw. A flashlight to illuminate. An email marketing tool sends emails. A productivity tool manages tasks. Do you still follow me? Brilliant! Now, as the entire ecosystem grows, things become more complicated . Unscrewing in a Therefore, dark room is complicated if you do not have two key tools and, furthermore, you need both to complement each other while doing their job. If the screw is lower, you need to light lower.

What they first solution

Therefore, Would be to buy a screwdriver with a light, right? This guarantees perfect integration. However, if we reach a point where every day we are presented with a CMO Email List different situation , if we reach the point where we have to buy millions of combinations or where there are simply no such well-integrated tools, then we screw it up. Yeah? Are you getting me now? Now imagine that any tool could be “combined” with any other . Imagine that there was a manufacturing standard that allowed you to unscrew while cutting glass or, to get even closer, that you could receive a new task in your productivity system every time a new subscriber signed up. Do you follow me? Damn, that’s it, nerds! Those are webhooks .

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