Community Manager responses that “hit” in 2015

The Community Manager is the fashionable profession today and although many people think that it is a very “cool” profession, this is not the case and very rarely do these professionals have the opportunity to have the last laugh. Even so, there are some who have managed to obtain a lot of visibility for the brand with their answers and today I leave you here some of the best answers from the  in 2015. We already know that it is the professional who responds to users’ comments and complaints on.

Social networks or

The person responsible for generating valuable content and monitoring the online presence of brands. But it is not that simple since everything always has to be executive email list done with more or less humor, even if it has to endure the “jokes” and provocations of users and “trolls” on social networks. To do this, you need to have some fundamental qualities to be a good Community Manager . And being evident that in most cases they cannot go beyond the answers predefined by companies for these most problematic cases, sometimes, and only sometimes, social media managers manage to respond with a great sense of humor to the questions.

Provocations of users

And expose them and on the other hand, they achieve. Fantastic results of retweets and favorites for companies. But since this happens very rarely, I leave you CMO Email List here some good. Inspirations and some not so good ones, so that you can see the differences. Between them and decide which path you should follow in your answers. To finish with the best answers of 2015, I leave you this one from the Aerolíneas. Argentinas  on the brand’s Facebook account. This is a slightly strange example since a user dedicated himself. To investigating the details of the response, discovering that it was “false” and that it is related to a brand strategy. But even so, it seems to me to be an answer worth. Showing you, as it shows that sometimes an offensive and out of place message, well managed.

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