But how can you make the most of black friday opportunities and optimize sales? 1) communication campaign The discounts plann for black friday certainly ne to be communicat: your social fanbase or those who visit your site must know that interesting promotions and discounts are coming. Obviously.For lovers of online shopping it is now a fix event Even at a communication and graphic level. It must immiately be clear that this is an opportunity not to be miss: green light. Therefore. For impactful graphics and claims that stand out from other posts or contents. Space for teasers. Countdowns and everything that brings creativity and anticipation together.

It can also be useful to create a dicat landing page.

Mail and dem are absolutely to be exploit: one possibility is to invite users to new database subscribe to your newsletter . Through which you will send all the details relating to discounts. Offers and promotions. You can. Therefore. Invite users to sign up to your newsletter to make sure they don’t miss out on the promotion: in this case. Very specific choices must For lovers of online shopping it is now a fix event be made. Expectations must be creat and no information about the promotions must be reveal before the fateful day. The weeks precing black friday should absolutely be dicat to database building .

new database

A few days before black friday

A few days before black CH Leads friday. Send a reminder but be careful: all mailboxes are clogg with messages during this period. Find the right strategy to be remember by your potential customers! The dem to be sent on black friday must. Obviously. Focus on the promotions of the day. But it is an excellent opportunity to present the product catalog to your contacts again . 3) recovery of abandon trucks and follow-up