In this 2020 which has seen the boom in online sales.

After an in-depth analysis. The intempra team propos to the customer a series of actions and advantages design specifically. In order to optimize the commercial processes and. Consequently. The results. The aim was. First and foremost. To provide users with In this 2020 which has seen the boom in online sales.a clear e-commerce experience through the website with a constantly updat catalog and to create content and tools bas on the type of user. Without neglecting promotions or technical information sheets. We then continu with technical steps closely link to the simplification of order processes for wholesales and retail in full autonomy.

The role of marketing was fundamental

The role of marketing was fundamental: all company latest database departments are follow with a shar approach to act in a synergistic and effective manner. Our managers highlight the importance for ergman net to differentiate itself from the competition. Creating a direct and personaliz dialogue with its customers . Intempra’s proposal. Which was not actually part of the customer’s initial request. Starts from listening and defining market trends and then establishing one to one or one to many strategies.

latest database

Achiev also thanks to the right investments

Achiev also thanks to the right investments. Has seen a real evolution. Moving CH Leads  from the first b2b web project in 2013 to a portal. Publish in december 2017. Which is receiving confirmations. Updating the web project means taking into account the nes and trends of the market which necessarily ne to be follow and “Ridden” with one’s own online tools and the most current marketing strategies. The new website. Therefore intend as a technological means aim at change. Currently boasts more than 400 register and active customers . Representing approximately 80% of customers and a growth forecast of 15% of turnover by the end of 2018. Overall .

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