Most of the Time on the Screen of a Digital Camera All You Can See is a Brightness Histogram

Most of Time In expensive DSLR models, histograms for all color channels are available. Diaphragm Aperture A round mini window of several petals in a camera. The aperture controls the amount of light passing through the camera: if the window is open, more light comes in, and if the window is shrunk, less light goes in. Use letters to indicate small aperture and large aperture. The uneven blackening of grain photosensitive materials makes it impossible to consider small details in the photo even when the image is enlarged. Graininess also has a similar concept to digital noise, which is affected by value sensitivity and camera matrix. At the same time, for some creative tasks, graininess can be helpful for producing beautiful photos in a vintage style. Compared The ratio of the dark and bright parts of the subject.

There are different types of contrast

Tones darken the background and accentuate the foreground to convey depth in space and vice versa. Color selection. Colors on opposite sides of the  color wheel. Textures. Contrast between moving and static objects. There are even Night Clubs Bars Email List semantic contrasts, such as summer. Image of skiers by the sea. Matrix with different values ​​of photosensitive elements from to . Allows you to record light passing through a photo lens. Polarizer A device that cuts off polarized light that has an ordered oscillation of the light vector. Objects in the photo get rid of glare and reflections thanks to the filter. This device required to control glare on non-metallic smooth surfaces such as water or glass.

It can also be used to eliminate glare

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From human faces and reflections from shop windows. Due to the filter, the colors in the image become more  saturated and contrasted. Fisheye ultra-wide-angle camera lens perspective. The image appears hemispherical with the largest field of view. This lens commonly used in security video systems. For photographers, fisheye offers the opportunity to take CMO Email List spectacular and unusual photos, such as images of objects, buildings with distorted perspective. Extension Ring A plastic or metal ring that fits between the camera body and the interchangeable lens. For macro photography. Focal Length The distance from the objective lens to the subject in focus.

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