Naver keyword search volume search method through Mafianet

Therefore Naver also provides a way to look up Naver’s monthly search volume according to keywords, but it has the disadvantage that you need to log in and there are several procedures to access. Therefore, we will use MafiaNet to search Naver search volume and related keywords for keywords.


How to use mafianet
Naver keyword search volume search
Naver-related keyword search volume search
How to use mafianet
Mafianet is a website that provides easy search on the web for keyword search volume provided through the Naver Advertising API. If you use MafiaNet, you can search monthly search volume for keywords and related keywords. You can access it through the MafiaNet address below.


Naver keyword search volume search
If you access MafiaNet through the above address, there is an item called “Keyword Lookup”.

Naver keyword lookup
If you enter a keyword in the keyword lookup input box, you can check the monthly search volume for that keyword on Naver.

Naver keyword search

You can enter up to 100 keywords and upload keywords as an Excel file. I simply entered 3 keywords (TBWA, SEO, Garosu-gil) to look up the search volume. The resulting value is shown below.

sequence number | keywords | PC Monthly Searches | Mobile Monthly Searches | Total number of searches | PC monthly average number Pharmacies Email List of clicks  Average Monthly Mobile Clicks | PC monthly average click rate | Mobile average monthly click rate Therefore degree of competition | Average number of advertisements per month

Sequence: The order in which the user entered the keywords.
Keywords: Keywords entered by the user.
PC Monthly Search Number: Monthly PC access search volume.
Mobile Monthly Searches: The number of searches accessed through mobile devices per month.
Search Total: Monthly PC + mobile search volume.
PC Monthly Average Clicks: Monthly average number of PC ad clicks.
Mobile Average Monthly Clicks: The average number of mobile ad clicks per month.
PC monthly average click-through rate: Average monthly PC ad click-through rate.
Mobile average monthly click-through rate: The average monthly mobile ad click-through rate.
Naver-related keyword search volume search
Click “Related Keywords Therefore to search related keyword search volume.

Naver related keywords

Job Function Email Database

Therefore I’ll simply put in one keyword, “Sinsa Station.” (You can only enter up to 5 keywords at the same time.)

This is the value derived when you enter the new station. About 91 values ​​were output as related keywords and were partially extracted. The closer the value is to the main keyword, the higher the association, and the statistics provided are CMO Email List the  same as Therefore those provided by the keyword lookup.

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