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Video optimization Video title and keyword selection The choice of the video title should be closely related to the presented topic, and at the same time contain some understatement that encourages you to familiarize yourself with the content of the video, which will make the viewer interested and memorable. For example, a nutritionist who posts his videos on YouTube can create a video with interesting ideas for low-calorie breakfasts. : Examples of breakfast – nutritionist’s ideas for people reducing weight The topic itself is relevant, interesting and you can certainly create a video that will attract the attention of viewers. But the selected title is not optimized for positioning.

You can suggest the same content

With an alternative title: Fit breakfasts – 5 healthy and delicious ideas from a nutritionist The main key phrase is included right at the beginning of the title, that is: fit breakfast (potential of searches on YouTube in Poland: 150/month), and the remaining part of the title complements the Physical Therapist Email List information about the content of the video and contains further keywords: healthy breakfasts (90) breakfast ideas (20) This solution will allow you to work in two ways: optimize the title in terms of YouTube SEO, which will affect the positioning and display height of the video high in search results, and inform the recipients about the content of the recording.

When thinking about the topics

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The next videos, it is worth following the trends and getting. Inspired by channels with similar topics and various forms of presentation. In addition, when selecting planned topics, it is worth using the YouTube search engine. Which suggestsmatches in terms of keywords. This is the best solution because these are. The terms that people type into YouTube – so you can be. Sure that these topics for the planned CMO Email List video are popular and searched. To conduct a more extensive keyword analysis. It is also worth using external tools, for example: Keyword tool.

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