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Then delete the non-existent link and restore it. Redirect settings. If you don’t have access to the source code, you’ll need to set up a redirect using or a  plugin. When setting up redirects, the maximum number of consecutive redirects is Mailing Lists By Zipcodes Email List up to three. If this metric is exceeded, the page load speed will decrease. To get rid of broken links in time, it is enough to audit the site once a month. The task is to make sure there are no links that don’t exist. But if the number is small, it won’t have much impact on the site’s rating. You just have to make sure that the most visited parts of your site don’t have broken links: for that you have.

How to design error pages so as not to lose visitors

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Error page layout If the pages are designed in an interesting and creative way, there is a chance to ease the annoyance of the user and keep him on the site. The basic requirements are Pages have hyperlinks to other parts of the site and, in the case of an  online store, to products similar to what the user is looking for. You can also provide links to the most popular publications and new content on your site. The design of the website should match the design of the rest of the website otherwise people will feel like they have landed on another resource. You can add some CMO Email List humor to the design: developers often express their creative and interesting ideas on the page. It’s worth adding a bug report button so developers can be quickly notified about broken links.