What it is and how to use it in your Sales Funnel

In addition to having worked at more than 60 Fortune 500 companies throughout his career, he has led 9. Therefore, companies that have already made the Forbes billionaires list. Throughout his life, he developed several marketing and sales theories based on practical ideas. His. Therefore, main work was the book The Ultimate Sales Machine , in which he addresses the concept of Chet Holmes’ Pyramid. Born in 1957, he died in 2012, years after his book became a number one bestseller on Amazon.


What is Chet Holmes' pyramid

Now that you know who Chet Holmes was and executive email list how his concept worked, it is time to explain its application in. Therefore, digital marketing strategies, especially in the Sales Funnel. In practice, the Chet Holmes Pyramid is an. Therefore, idea that is integrally related to the Sales Funnel. When we analyze it better, we can make a direct connection between the two concepts.


Who was Chet Holmes

90% of the leads in the. Therefore, pyramid, who are not ready to buy, are the visitors CMO Email List of the Sales Funnel, and are located in the top or middle part of the funnel. With this notion, it is possible to understand what the proportion of your. Therefore, business’s marketing actions should be, directing most of the efforts to that portion that is not yet ready to buy.

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