The best proof of this is her statement about the ups and downs

Thanks to this, today she is considered a specialist in the industry, whose activities in internet marketing are worth following. Joanna Drabent, CEO & Prowly PR Software According to The Hundert and Forbes, Joanna is one of the top startup founders in Europe. No wonder, since Prowly is actively digitizing the PR industry. From the interviews we learn that Joanna created the application for a simple reason, namely – out of necessity. Before Prowly appeared on the market, PR people were doomed to work with Word and Excel. Tools that were not adapted to their everyday life.

Today the application is used not only

The largest giants on the Polish market, but also by PR professionals on almost every continent – from Australia, through Europe, Africa and both Americas. Looking List of Architects through Joanna’s social media and reading interviews with her  participation, I see a dynamic personality full of passion and a positive attitude to life. , namely: “I try not to value successes and failures. What I have definitely learned while developing a startup is not to be afraid of failures and not to enjoy successes for too long. Because we have more and more of these on our account every day.

Our reality is so dynamic that over time

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The definitions of success and failure change. Today I can say that every failure is a valuable experience, and success. Which from the outside seems  insignificant, can bring the most joy. Both categories of experiences are just as powerful.” Source:,finanse-dla-firm,pomysl-na-startup—rozmowa-z-joanna-drabent–ceo-i-wspolzalozycielka-prowlycom,1,1 Creative and determined to act. Positive CMO Email List and down to earth. When you read another interview with Joanna about her work. You seem to be dealing with a woman who is dynamite.

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