The brand focuses mainly on product posts

The brand focuses It is generating artificial traffic that does not add anything valuable to the brand’s activities. The brand also doesn’t tag links in posts, so it potentially doesn’t check Facebook traffic either. On the plus side, there are real photos and a video presentation of the products. Varlesca also has its own Facebook store, which greatly facilitates the transition directly to the products: Mosquito Unfortunately, Mosquito, like Varlesca, is quite a bit of a slacker with content. Just like in the analyzed profile above, there are unmatched content and lolcontent.

It has long been proven that such

Communication does not have a good impact on the brand’s sales results, and ultimately may even worsen them, because the consumer may feel lost in such chaos. On the plus side, there are product photos, videos and tagging links in posts. The Museums and Art Galleries Email List Mosquito brand also runs a Facebook store: selfie room Selfieroom, despite the fact that the statistics  show the lowest organic engagement, has the most tailored content to the target group, which wins sales results. Communication is well thought out and tailored to the target group. are presented on real models, and the entire graphic design is consistent with each other.

Video content also appears on the profile

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Their frequency could be much higher. There are also some engaging formats, such as surveys or entire styling suggestions, but in general, in my opinion. This profile has the best content for the recipients. The fashion industry on Instagram Source: Instagram Varlesca Source: Instagram Mosquito Source: Instagram Selfieroom Instagram fares  slightly better than Facebook. Much less mismatched content here. These types of brands definitely focus. On influencer CMO Email List marketing and it is a very good move. Of course, there are mistakes, such as uploading. Graphics or product photos from the store, but it is definitely a rarity.

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