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Thus, you will increase the likelihood of the user going to your website. Here is the proof that I run my account -> account extensions Having exclusions in the Google Adwords campaign Another basis of the basics among the must-haves is having exclusions in word campaigns in the search network and in image campaigns in the advertising network. words. It is best to observe the phrases searched by the user that do not overlap with your or your client’s service/product. Example below -> In a situation where the system matches a keyword that does not match your business with your ad and the user clicks on it – you will lose money.

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Apparently so, but you can get hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of such clicks over the course of a month, if the product/service you are advertising is Marketing List of Plumbers popular or highly desirable. It is important that in addition to generalexclusions affecting your campaigns, you add internal exclusions to your account that will improve these campaigns. I’m talking about ad group-level exclusions here. It may happen that some of your keywords, despite the difference in semantic meaning for the Google Ads system and for users, are very similar.

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Search to a different keyword than you would like it to assign. As a result – your campaigns have distorted results, and you don’t really know which keywords really bring you satisfactory results. The same is true for the Google Ads image campaign. When displaying your display ads, check periodically the pages recording the views of your ads. You can see this in the Placements -> Where your ads appear tab . It is CMO Email List worth excluding those sites and  pages that you consider unsafe, from which clicks are too expensive or do not convert. Sort your results by the number of pageviews, add a device segmentand check whether the pages to which the system has decided to target your ads do not display them in sensitive places on mobile devices, forcing users to inadvertently click on the ad.

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