There are many idioms in official business speech

Other constituent documents, such as the unified state certificate of registration of legal entities, extracts from the state register of companies, agreement on Medical Surgical Dental Equipments Email List the appointment of responsible persons, certificates of amendments to the articles of association, etc. business correspondence. This category includes sponsorships, covers, thank you notes. The translation of official documents needs to comply with the business etiquette norms of the target country. Translators often turn to native speakers to proofread translations and check their correctness. business correspondence.

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These include offers, reports, warrants, rejections, reminders. Agreements, contracts, lease agreements with foreign partners. Advertising CMO Email List material: brochures, presentations. New employee training text, information presentation, corporate training text. Personal documents: application, resume, letters of recommendation. Read also Translation of founding documents Registering foreign bank accounts, registering with tax authorities, participating internationally doctrine. Examples include replying to your letter and reaching an agreement. Accuracy of information Date and time of conclusion of the contract, name of legal address, list of obligations of both parties. Use idioms.