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Changing focus on individual photos, otherwise you won’t be able to glue them together. Therefore, the same autofocus must be turned off when  working with panoramic images. The focus ring of the lens cannot be moved: if you do, you will have Wholesale Email List to retake all the pictures. When shooting landscapes, focus at the hyperfocal distance. Focal length does not affect the appearance of the final image. suggestion! Stay on location until you are satisfied with the quality of the photos you take. When in doubt, it’s worth reshooting the panorama. Using the format format will provide convenient computer processing of the images in order to glue them into a panorama.

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Correct optical distortions and adjust the white balance at home, while processing photos on the computer. The  format is more suitable for training. In order for the pictures to stick together successfully, it is necessary to enable distortion and igniting correction in the camera menu. You should also make sure that all photos have the same CMO Email List white balance. Linear, circular panoramas: Examples of photo panoramas At the same time, panoramas are not limited to standard horizontal shots. As a result, circular panoramas, resembling in appearance a school globe on which the entire horizon rests, have become very popular.