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Audit conclusions, documents on the organization’s financial activities. Translation of abstracts, articles, conclusions of financial and economic literature. Banking statement, report, financial statement, statement, investment document. Advertising and marketing collateral, advertising and PR texts, letters, speeches, studies, reports, brand names, company names, slogans and slogans. Insurance contracts, medical and insurance policies, applications and appeals. Investment tenders, bids, loans, leases, securities purchases. Customs declarations, bills, licenses, certificates, invoices, invoices. Particularly difficult is oral economic translation, the peculiarity of which is that the translator is directly involved in negotiations, exhibitions, presentations and business meetings.

What translators of economic texts should know

Translators of economic texts need to choose the tone of the text correctly, retaining its original meaning and structure. Experts must have negotiation experience, be fluent in terminology, be able to deliver competent presentations, be able to ensure good rapport between participants, and SMS Gateway Japan receive and process information by ear quickly. Knowing about a particular topic, getting an idea of ​​knowledge in a related field. For example, for business texts, you need to know the basics of doing business; for finance and banking texts, you need to know the basics of lending. Ability to select terms that correspond to original concepts in the text.

Learn about the stylistic, lexical

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Grammatical features of such texts. Learn about the rules of business communication in international business. In addition, translators of economic texts must possess certain soft skills, such as accuracy of detail, concentration, thoughtfulness, responsibility, and confidentiality. For example, experts CMO Email List need to be extra careful when working with charts, graphs, and tables. There is also a need for continuous study of the economic market and terminology and current standards to improve skills. Also read how to become a translator A translator is an expert in translating and adapting text or spoken language from one language to another.

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