The social meia and influencer landscape is ultra-competitive and eventful. Just think about the controversy around twitter under elon musk’s control to see just how crazy it can get! But the social arena is the place for brands to make their mark and engage their customer base. With so many social meia networks to choose from for your marketing activities. It can be difficult to keep up with what’s new and what opportunities are out there for driving brand awareness. It’s our job at the dmi to keep an eye on trends. So we’ve talke with our experts to find out what’s coming down the line in 2023 in social meia and influencer marketing

The social meia and influencer landscape

Social meia goes back to its ‘roots’ tiktok offers new features and attracts b2b social networks are beginning to decentralize a new era of influencers the emergence of a ‘super app’ vertical and long-form video is on the rise 1. Social meia goes back to its roots marketers use social meia channels for many purposes. It could be to get in front of a new audience. Retarget previous customers or try out new creative content. But in 2023. Digital transformation expert neal schaffer believes social meia will go back to its roots.

I believe companies will continue

I believe companies will continue to question and reimagine what their social meia presence should look like. Social meia is really going back to its original roots as being a place for brand awareness. Not for traffic generation. But truly as a way to connect with other people.” he says. His own experience has seen web traffic to his site from social meia decrease from 2 percent to just 1 percent. So. What’s the solution? He believes brands nee to make better use of social and think about what it is and will continue to mean. “we’ve seen the rapid emergence of tiktok. And a brand new social meia culture that focuses not on the number of followers. But on the content itself in this era of what they’re calling recommende meia.”