Social media goes back to its roots

Brands are even more challenge to create the type of content that social meia users today crave.” for example. In 2022 meta launche a facebook ‘fees tab’ that recommends content from friends. Groups. Or pages to users that are customize and can be curate in a ‘favorites’ tab. Facebook fees feature facebook fees feature instagram is also active in promoting recommende meia. Creating ‘candid challenges’ in response to the rising popularity of the app bereal. This feature will prompt users to capture and share a photo of their environment in a different two-minute window each day. Why choose dmi?

 Tiktok offers new features

 Tiktok offers new features and attracts b2b tiktok is continuing to evolve as a social meia platform in 2023. The platform announce its focuses for this year as actionable entertainment. Making space for joy. And community-built ideals. What this means for marketers is they will nee to create videos that are entertaining. Personalize. And uplifting rather than focusing on a selling point. Second is a focus on joy and providing a solution to drive people to make a purchase. Tiktok joy rating tiktok joy rating finally. Tiktok advises marketers to lean into the specificity that makes its communities special.

There are also new targeting options for ads

tiktok is also working to make its business tools simpler and more usable. There are also new targeting options for ads. “you could target everybody who has use #thanksgiving on tiktok. You can target people base on all kinds of different videos that they’ve watche. Whether that’s beauty. Whether that’s fitness. Whether that’s food-relate. Whether it’s fast or gourmet food.” says alison battisby. Social meia consultant and co-founder of avocado social. “(tiktok) are really challenging meta in terms of the user data they have available for advertisers now.” battisby has also notice much more b2b content on tiktok than ever before

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