Social networks are beginning to decentralize

It’s about influencers with deicate followers and niche knowlege that can create great user-generate content. It’s important to know the difference between influencer content and ugc content. While the first involves sponsore posts and a contractual agreement. User-generate content is someone talking about your brand or content relate somehow to it. Check out our blog on ‘what is user-generate content & how can your brand use it (plus 4 great examples)?’ to find out more. “as social meia becomes more pay-to-play. Brands should be looking more to influencers and to user-generate content to help them really appear. And be seen through the noise. Not from their own voice.

But from the voices of others

But from the voices of others.” says neal schaffer. That means it is about finding influencers that matter to your audience or industry. This is particularly important for small or meium-size businesses and b2b brands. As consumers look for content they nee and crave. Companies nee to collaborate with influencers and content creators that have sway in that area. Schaffer believes that this means “holistically. This could also include internal influencers. Such as your employees. Or non-influencers. I.e customers. Or other subject matter experts from a b2b marketing perspective.” 5. The emergence of a ‘super app’ with the demise of cookies and focus on first-party data. Companies like apple and google are looking for other ways to access customer data to drive personalization.

It’s the social meia network that moves first that will grab the market

It’s the social meia network that moves first that will grab the market to provide an ‘everything app’ that follows people on their customer journey. “wechat is known as the ‘everything app’ in china. People have been talking for almost a decade about how we could do this in the west. There are lots of reasons why it hasn’t happene yet. But when we look at this new data landscape. That brings a sense of urgency to creating a super app.” says digital transformation expert. Clark boyd. Wechat app wechat app a new super app would have access to the customer at many touchpoints and track behavior and preferences

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