TikTok offers new features and attracts B2B

For b2b brands it’s a platform to consider and worth exploring as there’s a lot of eucation happening on tiktok. “there are experts in quite dry-sounding industries. Lawyers and accountants and all sorts there. There’s a divorce lawyer i follow on tiktok and she’s got over 1.000.000 followers. It’s definitely an opportunity to go and explore. It’s about going where the audience is.” battisby advises. It’s worth noting that seo is now becoming more important on tiktok. You should optimize your videos so they get found on the network through search. It’s also worth knowing that while google did not previously index social meia posts. These now show up in the serps. Great ways to optimize your tiktok videos are to look at keywords. Expertise or authority

Social networks are beginning to decentralize

Social networks are beginning to decentralize many users are looking for a new type of social meia platform – one built by the masses and owne by everyone (as oppose to a billionaire). This desire has seen the emergence of new platforms such as mastodon. “on mastodon. You can join different ‘instances’. Which are essentially forums base on your interests or geographical location. And the idea is that you move your social meia profile between these instances. Rather than having access to one central newsfee like on twitter.” says battisby. Mastodon social network mastodon social network the other one to mention is bluesky which is being built by ex-twitter ceo. Jack dorsey.

That's available for people to sign

It aims to be a new decentralize offering that’s less a social network and more of a protocol to build other platforms. “it’s essentially going to offer users more choices in terms of what kind of algorithms they would like to use. And their usability. That’s available for people to sign up for the waitlist and i can imagine that’s getting a lot of signups.” battisby concludes. Become a world class digital marketer 4. A new era of influencers influencer marketing has been haile as a trend for years but in 2023 the concept of the word ‘influencer’ is changing. It’s not just about the mega influencers with millions of followers.

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