The user chooses several online stores

For example, a user finds that his physical fitness begins to decline, and he wishes to purchase a treadmill for home use. Search for details. Before  placing an order, a person starts reading blogs, researching models analyzing Retail Email List text and video reviews, consulting on forums, searching for information in social networks. At this stage, the company’s task is to determine how customers search for information. Quote comparison.  displaying sporting goods and starts to compare offers: types of treadmills displayed, cost, features. An online store must provide quick feedback, testimonials from real customers, and an overall positive impression of itself.

Make a buying decision

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Users choose treadmills that meet their requirements and economic capabilities in the most impressive online stores. At  this stage. It is important to consider. The quality of service, delivery. Speed and cost, guarantee and price of the goods. Comments on goods received. If the customer is satisfied with the price. Delivery date and quality of the treadmill itself. The may recommend the online store. To his friends and place. An order again in the future. If the response is positive. The company should offer the customer a discount card, send him CMO Email List a sales letter, offer related services, for example, mats or lubricants for treadmill parts. For online stores, the most suitable touchpoints are bonuses, gifts, discounts, congratulations, promotions and sales notifications.