The visual setting should be clear and subdued

Building credibility is crucial at every point of contact between the client and the website, however, the loss of trust at the initial stage will translate into a high bounce rate, a decrease in the conversion rate and thus a loss of potential revenue. , it should be a background and should not distract users from the offer. 3.2. Not adapted to mobile devices The IAB Polska report on the penetration of smartphones by Polish Internet users shows that 90% of respondents use their phones to browse the Internet.

In 2017 as many as 19% of Internet users made

Purchases using smartphones. Which is a huge increase compared to 2014, when only 7% of users finalized transactions in this way. Source: IAB Poland – Mobile 2018 Having a website not adapted to mobile devices, we automatically close Oil and Gas Email List ourselves off to a huge group of potential users, which will only grow over time. It is worth taking care of fast page loading time on smartphones, website readability for mobile devices and responsive graphics. Source: PageSpeed ​​Insights Even if not everyone finalizes transactions over the phone, many people spend. A lot of time during the day browsing the websites of their favorite stores.

Complicated website navigation Navigation

Job Function Email Database

On the site should be as simple and intuitive as possible for users who visit the site for the first time. It is important that the customer is able to find. The right product as soon as possible and does not get discouraged while browsing the next tabs. Too many categories or illogically sorted products can lead to. The customer getting lost in your store CMO Email List and leaving the website dissatisfied. An example of a wrong sorting of products can be creating a category. In which there are two types of products (e.g. dresses and skirts. It is also worth remembering about the options for filtering and sorting products. Breadcrumbs and a properly functioning product search engine.

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