This is a very desirable ROI for any segment

Generates good results over a long period of time The efforts dicat to SEO in your e-commerce will be able to generate good results for you for a long time. After all, they will remain relevant for relat searches whenever they are made. This is something very different from what happens with mia campaigns, such as sponsor links. These are only valid for the duration of the campaign, while working with a focus on SEO will allow it to be relevant for much longer. 4. Helps you catch up with your competitors Don’t see SEO as something extra, which few players are doing in the market. In fact, there is a good chance that all of your competitors are already.

Therefore it is necessary to recover the loss

Worrying about an SEO strategy consists of balancing this dispute, ensuring that your e-commerce no longer loses space to other stores. 5. Improves your store’s cribility Good organic positioning is essential for your e-commerce because it increases your cribility. As it involves financial transactions, you cannot risk losing a sale because your potential customer does not trust your brand. A name that appears more often on Google strengthens itself in the public’s mind, increasing brand awareness. SEO as a differentiator on Black Friday Having Google as an ally in the search for customers is advantageous in any context, but it becomes particularly valuable when it comes to Black Friday.

It is a strategy capable of generating quality

Results in the short, mium and long term. See below the biggest points that reinforce the importance of SEO for your Black Friday campaign: Google is part of the purchasing process According to Neoatlas research, 48% of Black Friday 2017 online transactions occurr from a Google search. Normally, this is a very strategic channel for sales , but it becomes Cmoe Mail List even more effective during the promotion period. This shows how much Google search is part of the average public’s purchasing process. Most likely, many of your customers come to your store from the search engine. In a strategic period like Black Friday, this channel nes to be optimiz. Smart investment to boost your ROI Any initiative that provides good value for money is commendable, especially when each investment is decisive for its success.

Normally the market is already competitive

 In times of Black Friday, the competition for the attention of potential customers increases considerably and you, of course, already know that. Therefore, it is more necessary than ever to use the right resources to boost your results. Working with a focus on SEO for your e-commerce in a Black Friday campaign will offer the necessary boost to improve your results during this period. Strengthening your store for the rest of the year Thinking about SEO is important to boost your sales on Black Friday, but it also serves as a benefit for the rest of the year. You always ne to have initiatives that contribute to the long-term success of your store. Furthermore, customers acquir during Black Friday may remain loyal and shop with you during other periods. This will depend on whether they have a good experience with your store.

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