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Provisions worth mentioning. You can limit yourself to the usual Let’s Get Acquainted! My name is or make an intriguing introduction  specialization. For example, if you worked as a contributor, please specify this direction, etc. knowledge Telecommunications Email List and skills. Examples: text promotion, proofreading and editing skills, knowledge of marketing trends, ability to write and present in an informational style. Introduction to education if any: linguistics, journalism, advertising and PR. If the contributor writes about a legal or medical topic, it would be especially interesting for the client to know about the corresponding education of the performer. You can confirm your qualifications by uploading your diploma. experience.

List projects you’ve been involved with or topics

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You’ve worked on. Indicate which digital agencies you work with and on which online resources you can find your publications. tasks and projects. List the  services you are going to offer your client: writing author’s content or advertising text, conducting interviews, preparing a content plan. Your benefit. Examples: sticking to deadlines, fully immersing yourself in the details of your client’s business, creating compelling business text. operating mode. It’s worth CMO Email List immediately clarifying when you can discuss collaborations, your working hours, how quickly you respond to messages, and your downtime.