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Characteristics of goods and services: technical characteristics, materials, manufacturing company, rendering stage and terms of service. How to use products and services. For example, if a company blog is dedicated to coffee, users will be interested in publications about recipes for brewing the beverage and the rules for its use. For the service, detailed video reviews for household appliances apply. Questions from customers Those who only choose the product, those who have already bought it and used it. As a source of ideas, you can use the archive of those questions users have asked when contacting technical support. Interesting facts: the company’s in-house kitchen, the production process of the product, the history of its origin. Related or broader topics.

Pet food manufacturers may mention

It her pet products in their posts, but it’s important to strike a balance or risk attracting an unintended audience to the site. You should not rewrite  articles based on search results: the ideas in the content matrix should be implemented through the Communication Email List experience of the brand or company. Only in this way can the text be truly valuable and useful to readers. The value of articles and posts depends on the reaction of readers. For content to actually work, it has to be useful. If it doesn’t work in the text, it has to be rewritten, and if it doesn’t work out afterwards, put the idea aside for a while, put it in the content matrix, and work with another one.

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Novelty books for marketers. Our selection of books from 2010 to 2019 contains material describing tools, strategies and tactics that really work. Read More Conclusion Content matrices need to be refined, changed and improved on a regular basis. After all, the market situation and. Therefore, The company’s products themselves. Are constantly changing, the product. Therefore, Range is constantly increasing, and unique business areas have emerged. If any CMO Email List category or column is no longer relevant, it must be deleted. Contributor Profile: Design Tips for Beginners About Yourself Additional Information A brief description of all essential knowledge, skills, abilities and accomplishments in a performer profile.

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