How to register for Naver Search Advisor

We will proceed with Search Advisor search registration to display your website and posts in Naver search results. A website that can be registered must be an environment where users can directly edit the site’s HTML file, such as WordPress and Tistory.

You can search for Naver Search Advisor or access Naver Search Advisor through the URL below.


Webmaster tools
Go to the Naver Search Advisor page and click Therefore  Login in the upper right corner to log in. After logging in, click Webmaster Tools at the top.

Naver site registration
You can proceed with website registration at Webmaster Registration -> Site Management -> Site Registration . If you own it and can edit your website HTML, just enter your website’s top-level URL. Let’s remove miscellaneous query characters attached to the URL when inputting.

Enter the address and click Show Next on the right.

Ownership of Naver Search Advisor

HTML file upload : This method uploads the HTML file provided by Naver to the server where the website is running to verify Nondepository Credit Institutions Email List ownership.  Therefore  HTML tag : It is a method of verifying Therefore  ownership by putting the above meta tag in the <head> area inside the HTML document of the  Therefore representative page of the operated website, and is often used in platforms such as WordPress and Tistory. Renewal is required every year.
Ownership Verification: WordPress Environment
Since the DataLab department operates a WordPress blog, we would like to proceed with the ownership verification process using meta tags based on WordPress. You can copy the meta tag provided by Naver.

Naver Search Advisor : Submit RSS

Job Function Email Database

In the site list, click the site URL you want to manage to access the site management page.

Naver Search Advisor
After entering, find and click Request in the category on the left, and the following window will appear. The first thing to do is RSS submission. An Therefore  RSS feed is a data method that delivers site content to users. If you submit an RSS feed to Naver Search Advisor, Naver Search Bot can more easily retrieve the content of your website.

Most RSS feed addresses exist in a path called feed under the website’s main domain root.

RSS feed
Just submit your domain with RSS feeds .

Naver Search Advisor: Submit sitemap
A sitemap is a file that lists the internal Therefore structure of a site. . It exists under the root path in the form of xml extension . For WordPress CMO Email List websites, it exists as sitemap_index.xml under the root.


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